High School Football – Pullman vs Othello – Feb. 27, 2021

With the delay of the 2020 high school football season we are in the later winter of 2021 playing the 2020 football season. Kick off was around 1300. It was the first time in a long time that I was at Washington State University’s Martin Stadium watching a football game on a Saturday with a 1300 kick off.

It was a cold afternoon and COVID-19 precautions were in place. Everyone had to wear a mask and all the players had to social distance on the sidelines.

Othello got out a quick 7 to 0 lead and Pullman scored to tie it up. Unfortunately, after that it was all Othello.

I did some research to the settings that other football photographers use. I decided today to try a few things because the game was being played in the middle of the day. I used my 2x extender on my 70-200mm lens. I wanted to see what it was like to shoot a game with a 400mm zoom. I also put the ISO on auto. This was a good decision as the field was partially shaded but mostly in the sun. I also shot only used JPG without the RAW photos. This was a suggestion of several bloggers. They wrote that for fast action the RAW slows down the writing of the photos to the card and you can miss some action. I had those problems in the past so I understood what they were saying.

I think the photos were pretty good overall. I ended up taking way more than I have in the past and I think that was due to the fact that I was using JPG only and my camera was working faster. I don’t feel that I lost ability to do the editing I needed to for the photos. So I will probably continue to use JPG for football in the future. I also was happy with the ISO set to auto for the most part. I had the shutter speed set to 1250 and the f-stop as low as it would go. Normally my 70-200mm would go to f/2.8 but with the 2x extender I could only go to f/5.6. I think with it being daylight that was fine. Where I had some issued was that if I was too close to the action the lower end of the zoom (140mm due to the 2x extender) hindered getting some shots. I did have a backup camera that would go much lower but it is hard to change cameras in the middle of a play. So if the team was close I would sometimes change cameras. But other times the action came to me and I didn’t have that chance.

2019 Ruck for the Fallen

This morning I was in Oakesdale, Washington shooting photos at the Ruck for the Fallen. It is a charity event dedicated to those in the military and first responders. As taken from their facebook page:

“‘Ruck for the Fallen’ is dedicated to our pledge of supporting our lost heroes. Our goal of unwavering support is achieved by raising funds for families who have lost a first responder, an active military member or veteran in the line of duty or who are experiencing mental, emotional and physical effects incurred by the risks they face every day.”

I used both my Canon 7D with a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens and my Canon 70D with a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM prime lens.

I tried to get photos as people left and returned from the Ruck. Today there was a 3.1 mile and a 6.2 mile course. A number of people participated in the event. Because I was trying to get photos of everyone who was involved I have decided to upload the majority of my photos. I shot approximately 700 photos between the two cameras. A number of them were at the concert that was held after the event. That was a great challenge. The lighting was great for the concert but not the easiest for shooting photos. Many of the photos have a strong blue tint. That is due to the color of the lights that were in use.

The event was a very nice event for the local community and they hope to do it again next year.

This is the largest gallery of photos I have placed in a single post.

High School Football – Pullman vs East Valley – Oct. 4, 2019

This evening I was shooting photographs at the Pullman High School football game at Hobbs field. The game was between Pullman HS and the East Valley Knights.

Pullman dominated the whole game with the final score of 41 – 0.

During the game I used by my Canon 6D with the Canon 70-200 lens. I also was using the Canon 70D with a 50mm prime lens. I used my Spider Pro camera holster system. It worked very well for what I was doing.

I was able to speak to the sports photographer, Kai Eiselein, who works for the Daily News. He game we some pointers and tips about the camera settings for shooting the game. A little more than half the photos were shot with my adjusted settings and the others were shot at the settings I was using last week.

I seem to always be playing around with the settings in the manual mode in order to find the right balance between the shutter speed, ISO setting, and f/stop. I also changed the focus point on the 6D which made a huge difference in getting my photos later in the game.

High School Football – Pullman vs Black Hills – Sept. 27, 2019

This evening while working at the Pullman High School football game I decided to bring along my camera and take some photos. I was in the corner of the endzone for the whole game so all the photos originate from that one point.

I was using my Canon 6D and my Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS II lens. I really cranked up the ISO setting to allow me to take most photos at f/4 with a shutter speed of 1/640.

Pullman pulled away early in the game and never looked back. Black Hills is from Olympia and they made the trek to Pullman for some 2A football action. The final score of the game was 42 – 6.

2019 Goosetown Softball Tournament

The second week of July took me to Anaconda, MT for the Goosetown Softball Tournament. I brought my camera along to shoot some photos between games.

I ended up getting a chance to shoot the Brew Crew playing a later game. It was getting darker as the game was being played and the photos show the difference between the early game and later game photos.